R.C.TECH is an architecture firm that provides high-end services and consulting work in the fields of architectural design and construction management.

Design is the outcome of intensive work at R.C.TECH, always based upon aesthetic and functional criteria and adapted to the project’s specific budget. We realize that the quality of the built surrounding defines to a great extent the quality of our lives and this is the main reason why we see our role as a very important one when designing. We see all projects as equally important and as opportunities for innovation and experimentation. Whether it is a small summer house, a sustainable office building or an international competition we provide the same passionate input, always respecting our commitment towards the client who participates in the process with his own precious recourses - those of time and money.

At R.C.TECH we follow a philosophy of designing buildings and offering services in such way so that we comply with the fundamental principles of economic, social, and ecological sustainability. We always explore new ways to make our buildings more efficient and sustainable. Following that, we recently designed and built our new sustainable offices in Athens implementing state of the art technological systems.

Project management
Our engineers and project managers, deliver a complete and premium built product always according to the user’s needs and requirements. The Construction and Project Management package of services is the main tool developed and offered by R.C.TECH’s Construction team so that the quality of the design is extended to the realization of the project. Furthermore, cost, program and construction specifications are addressed throughout all phases of development, ensuring that the project’s budget and schedule are met.

The two main branches of R.C.TECH, the design and construction departments, have integrated joint supervision and final design services in the Construction Management Process, ensuring an undisturbed flow of information between the designer and the constructor. This interactive flow is probably R.C.TECH’s most competitive advantage, resulting in projects that meet both the designer’s and users’ expectations. 
Additionally, we have developed a system that is based on the principles of:

- Thorough understanding of client’s needs.  
- Continuous contact with the client along with extensive project supervision.
- Meeting deadlines and satisfying obligations undertaken.