Arcadia in Flux - Short Film / by R.C.TECH

Arcadia in Flux is a short film showcasing two typologies of architectural projects designed and built by R.C.TECH - residences and places of work, in Kythera and Athens. Public places of work produce value and challenge the times we live in while the ancient allegory of Arcadia still relates to the modern vision for life in the Greek landscape.

Director: Orfeas Peretzis
Director of Photography: Fanis Karagiorgos
Color Grading: Giannis Ageladopoulos
Sound Design: Daphne Farazi
Production: StudioBauhaus

Projects appearing in the video: Aroni Hamlet / Giulia House / The Sundial / The Zarmynarie House / Clover House / Cypress Creek / Davaris Textiles / Davaris Textiles-Addendum / Reed Smith Athens / Mikos / BMS United Bunkers / Stop S.A.

Projects were designed and built by R.C.TECH

Copyright 2017